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Take a moment to view some of our latest work. While most of the sites below were built by us from the ground up, we experience a wide range of involvement with our client’s websites. We do everything from web design, web development, consulting, maintenance, graphics, marketing, and everything in between!

Business Intelligent and Dashboard Management
Kong Hing Decoration Eng. Co.
InvestMan Fund Management
ETF Data Portal
Find Your Preferred Vechical License Number
Get Your Instant Cash
Yummy Yummy Fast Food
Biu Chun Sports
License Plate Production
Main Focus 名科


Grid Technology was founded in 1996. We are the leading innovator of tailor-made systems and solutions in Asia. Our slogan, "VALUE innovation" is the cornerstone of BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY, which helps our client businesses achieving in both sustainability and a positive impact on profitability.

What are we doing?

  • Provides consultation services on your business
  • Builds profitable business models for value innovation
  • Leverages IT as an accelerator and develops your unique systems
  • Maintains your competitive advantages in your new market spaces

    When it comes to all businesses (large and small), the success of the business depends heavily on word of mouth. We are thankful that we have received a lot of writing. Thank you for your encouragement and motivation.

    Cinque Terre

    Thanks to Grid Technology for developing the systems. It indeed has enabled our business to run like a well-oiled machine while making it more streamlined, more productive, and ultimately, more profitable.

    Mr. Casey Leung
    CEOProtech Computer Limited
    Cinque Terre

    When a huge portion of your business is running smoothly and with less supervision, you can step back and let the systems do the work for you, thereby making you a smarter business owner. Thank you Grid Technology for building these sophisticated systems for us.

    Mr. Ben Chong
    Business DirectorVertex System Limited
    Cinque Terre

    Ever thought about getting things done faster? Eliminating bottlenecks? Reducing your workload? Taking a month-long vacation? Working in a different country? Hiring more people? Scaling your business to multiple 7-figures? Thanks to Grid Technology. Your systems allow us to do all these things and more.

    Mr. Philip Ng
    Product Development ManagerMainfocus Electronic Limited
    Cinque Terre

    Thanks to Grid Technology for delivering the systems that meet our business needs. The systems as a set of processes, tools, people, and strategies that all work together to solve our operational problems and achieve our business goals.

    Mr. Tommie Lee
    CEOBeautideal Company Limited
    Cinque Terre

    Thanks to Grid Technology for developing an effective fund management system. We no need to struggle with the data. We love the simulator module very much, it's awesome and undefeatable.

    Mr. Oscar So
    Senior Unit ManagerAIA PMDHK


    We are a team of technical developers, data analyzers and content marketers who mix knowledge and experience with enthusiasm, passion, and creativity. This blend helps us create and effectively promote meticulously prepared, engaging and precisely optimized content and functionality, to help our clients increase productivity and operational efficiency.

    Mr. Eric Lee


    I am an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple person.

    "People should not be unfamiliar with strategy, those who understand it will survive, those who do not understand it will perish (Sun Tzu, Art of War)".

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  • Mr. Ricky Yip

    Web Specialist

    I am addicted to new technology especially on web development. I am curious of seeing how the PWA web model can change the world.

    Mr. Chris Kong

    Sales Manager

    I like business transformation and I will be very satisfied once I can streamline processes and operations to create value for the clients. The best motivation to me is to hear my client's words “Wow, this is really nice. Good work!”.

    Ms. Joey Au Yeung

    Finanical Manager

    Efficiency innovations arise in industries that already exist. They provide existing goods and services at much lower costs. They are not empowering. Efficiency innovators become the low cost providers within an existing framework.


    USA Office Address

    17800 E. Colima Road, Apt#259, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

    +852 9161 1116


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